A REAL ORGANIC & GLUTEN-FREE CREPERIE Blün is a small corner of Brittany in the heart of Paris. As shown at the entrance to this pancake house, all crepes are prepared with #organic and gluten-free flours. On the menu, very original and creative recipes, homemade, away from the classic ham-egg-cheese, with ingredients that are wanted and especially very good, to discover with pleasure. They thought for all tastes, even vegan. At noon, there are several possible formulas. I opted for the "Specialty" formula named Jade, a delicious mix of avocado, smoke and egg, with a bowl of organic raw cider and a crepes with homemade strawberry jam. It's just missed the ocean to feel on the breton coast. M

Bien l'épicerie

A FOOD STORE FOR THE GOOD ONE, ORGANIC & LOCAL Located in the heart of Le Marais, Bien l'épicerie is an organic and involved tuck shop. From the entrance, the hand is shown. They proudly display their commitments: respect for the environment and men, local production, fresh and seasonal products. So, in the "fruit and veg" section, everything comes directly from the producer with a guarantee of freshness, quality, responsible farming, 100 % organic. As in any organic supermarket, there are loose cereals and seeds, a dairy section with its yogurt just as organic, drinks from the surrounding french regions, a wide choice of honey and compotes from local producers and even a cosmetics / health


FOOD, SOPHISTICATION & PLEASURE In front of the Carreau du Temple, there is a restaurant that plays with the seasons. Given the people rushing there and having a good time, this place makes you want to discover all the products of the moment. SEASON, everything is in the name, offers recipes from the world with a seasonal and french touch, from veggie burrito to rissotto mushrooms not forgetting the burger, falafel, pastrami, or homemade salads. It was the October menu, the seasons are not eternal, the card is renewed about every three months. With its sleek design and large windows, the place is pleasant, bright and often bathed in sun. Once tested, we go back with great pleasure: it's seas


FRENCH GOOD WINES & ORGANIC To find L'Etiquette, you must venture into one of the most beautiful places in Paris, île Saint-Louis, not far away from Notre-Dame. This wine unexpected cellar is held by Mathieu and Hervé, two lovers of earth and wine. They offer only wines made in France from organic or biodynamic crops and without sulphite for some. Their motto is "drink well and drink healthy", in other words, enjoy good wine in respect of the environment. Tasting sessions are also organized to discover these wines respectful of Mother Nature. Hervé, as a strong supporter of good seasonal and organic products in his drink or on his plate, make these sessions all the more so interesting. In th

La Ruche qui dit oui

A NEW WAY TO DO THE SHOPPING We love La Ruche qui dit Oui, an initiative that changes traditional french AMAPs. Imagine, you can do your shopping directly with the producers around you for reasonable prices: first, select your products on the web site and pick them up a few days later with your bags. What a delight that are the first tomatoes of the season, the crispy bread, the fruit picked a few hours before, the fresh cheese, the discovery of forgotten vegetables... We quickly become addicted to these weekly dates. We are not forgetting the conviviality and the small tips of the assembly (recipes, Initiatives...), discussions with producers. Of course, don't think you can prepare a good t


BURGERS 100% ORGANIC Bioburger is THE ultimate fast food 100 % organic. Forget Mcdonald's or Burger King, all products come there from organic farming and local producers. Even the drinks are, from lemonade to soda and beer. You will find classic burgers but also original ones with avocado, smoke chest... everything is homemade, with fresh products. A delight! We are well in a fast-Food: it's simple, direct order to the counter with the menus displayed above. In the room, different atmospheres for all tastes, counter, lounge, classic table... An advice, opt for a place at the counter right behind the glass wall overlooking the street. Under the sun, it's bliss. In short, it's a trendy fast f

La Petite Bretonne

PROUD & ORGANIC CREPERIE In « la petite Bretonne » restaurant, you are warned at the very entrance "no to the hamburger, yes to the butter pancake". No doubt, we are to Breton’s home. Their menu confirms it: there are many products from this French region, including artisanal beers, cider from the four corners of Brittany, jams and even Cola drink. They are cooked with organic flour, buckwheat or wheat, and fresh products from Brittany. Buckwheat pancake are even guaranteed gluten free. And to top it all, all pancakes, classic or special, are prepared on site and can be savoured all day long. In Brief a good Breton wind with an organic touch, rue des martyrs. UNE FIERE CREPERIE BIO A La Peti

Le Myrha

A HIDDEN ORGANIC & FRIENDLY CANTEEN Located in the heart of la Goutte d’Or, the canteen le Myrha is a small nugget hidden from the 18th District, away from the looks of the tourists and where the team put the spotlight on organic products. The room is warm with its convivial tables and its large windows. At noon, the sun illuminates the whole place. We can see the team working in the open kitchen. Here we take his tray, his cutlery, his glass, and choose an entrance, a dish and a dessert from the 3 choices. The menu changes daily per organic and local products purchased in the morning. And cherry on the cake, the dishes are made home, generous, delicious and the menu has a unique and reasona

Welcome Bio Bazar

AN ORGANIC, GREEN & SUSTAINABLE STORE In the Boulle street of the 11th District, we immediately enter in the world of the Welcome bio store, affiliated with biocoop store with its kitchen and its bazaar. The latter has a suitable name, you will find countless things, for decoration, for the maintenance of the house or for its personal well-being. All referenced products are certified organic, ethical, durable or made in France. There are also bamboo toothbrushes and natural hair, green nail polish, books for children, kitchen utensils made in France, coal to purify tap water and even classic glasses. The most surprising is the corner Mama Petula with its plants, loose earth, its gardening to

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