A BAKERY AND ITS MILL For a tasty organic breakfast, a good sandwich for lunch or a little #glutenfree sweet during your walk, you will find what you need at the bakery Chambelland, not far away from Republique, in the Popincourt village of the 11th district. Here we are personally responsible for the origin of the ingredients. The owners chose to have their own mill in Haute-Provence and to collaborate with the demanding partners. All rice flours are #organic. Once returned to Paris, these turn into hot bread, chambellines (their homemade small bread) and bakings for the happiness of foodies. We talked about flour, but all other ingredients come from organic farming or are used just after h


A HUMAN RESTAURANT, ORGANIC & SEASONABLE In a decor combining materials and industrial spirit, in Yuman, we enjoy a simple and natural cuisine. Indeed, the team puts a point of honor to offer, every noon and every evening, on the spot or to take away, deliciously simmered dishes, #homemade from #organic and #seasonable products, #locavore, grown within 200 km or at least in France... These ingredients are good, tasty and full of nutrients. The menu offers dishes based on meat, fish, #glutenfree, #vegetarian or #dairyfree. There are all kinds of tastes.For this lunch, there was a very good pumpkin risotto that I accompanied with a homemade and refreshing lemonade. ​ ​The portions are generous

Maison Corp

ORGANIC & FRENCH SAVOIR-FAIRE In the heart of the 11th district in Paris, between the Place de La République and Place de La Bastille, we have found a jewel of a fine food store: MAISON CORP. Pierre and Réza, their owners, have designed it to offer parisian people some carefully selected products of quality, fresh, #organic French fruits and vegetables #local. But what we love about them above all is the place they have reserved for the last treasures of the artisans #craft #madeinfrance. For example, you will find the last French hand-crafted biscottes, "la Chanteracoise", or the famous Breton madeleines "Jeannette"! And many other delights to discover, the fruit of a long and patient res

Le Local Bio

HEALTHY, LOCAL & ORGANIC 54 Rue de l’Aqueduc, an socially-engaged place offers both a #grocery with #local products, #seasonal fruits and vegetables, mostly #organic, and a #canteen every lunch time with dishes, cooked with these same products. What's its name? Le Local Bio. It's a convivial and meeting place. Jerôme, the manager, has a lot to do with this. He welcomes you with a smile on his lips and offers you the delicious soup and the nice pie of the day, both #homemade. A cold buffet completes the lunch menu with salads based on lentils, chikpeas or carrots, according on the season. You can eat on site at a large table where meetings are made naturally, or you can take away to enjoy you

Le Tablier Rouge

ORGANIC WINES IN A HOMEMADE FOOD RESTAURANT Le Tablier Rouge brings together two places in one: a wine cellar and a restaurant. A double pleasure! On your left, the wine cellar offers a wide choice, more than 170 references, from independent wine-grocers and composed of 80 % #organicwines or #biodynamic. ​ ​Selection is made only in vineyard that respect environment and the terroir, whether the wine is red, white or rosé. All French regions are represented, from Loire to Alsace, from Bordeaux, Languedoc or Provence. There are beautiful treasures to find out. On your right, the restaurant offers #homemade dishes cooked by the chef. The products are fresh and seasonal, coming directly from the


A LOVE OF MACROBIOTIC For 37 years, Guenmaï has been the #macrobiotic spearhead in the heart of Saint-Germain district. You can eat light, energizing, vegetarian or fish-based recipes with fresh, seasonal and organic products. The restaurant gets its supplies at the renowned organic wholesalers of Rungis international market. The dishes are #homemade, from the soup to the cold-pressed juice, not forgetting the delicious assortments of wheat, rice and vegetables. But organic is not enough, the motto here is to find balance and health through food. The menu changes every day, always prepared in this search of balance. In the restaurant, you can find a grocery store with all kinds of products t

La Coulée Verte Renée-Dumont

A SECRET GARDEN The Coulée verte René-Dumont is one of those surprising and unusual places that can be found in Paris. Formerly called the Promenade Plantée, it brings a hidden corner of #nature in the city. Along its 4,5 km between Bastille and the Bois de Vincennes, it follows old railway. It alternates viaduct, small green spots, footbridges, tunnels and flowered gardens, with a few works of street art of local artists, giving a bucolic and unusual side to this place. Surrounded by wild and green vegetation, you forget immediately for a moment that you are in the middle of the 12th district. A secret place, and sometimes even unknown by parisians. UN JARDIN SECRET La Coulée verte René-Dum

Les Batignolles - Marché Bio

A LITTLE VILLAGE IN THE CITY At the intersection of Boulevard des Batignolles and Rue des Batignolles, in the heart of the 17th district, you will find every Saturday morning the Marché Biologique des Batignolles, the organic market of batignolles. For a moment, we could believe in a small market place far away from town and cars. In addition to the general good mood, you can find several stands of fruit and vegetables, bread, caterers, dried fruit, cold meats and meat. All of them propose products from #organicfarming and #seasonable, coming from the surrounding areas #localfood, but also from the rest of France and even from Europe. Do not hesitate to chat, try to discover very good produc

Vegan Folie's

CRAZY VEGAN LOVE IN PARIS In this little fast food, this is the kingdom of #vegan. Vegan Folie's propose sandwiches but also dishes, soups and desserts fully cooked without meat and without animal ingredients but also from organic products from #local producers. Some drinks or coffee are even from the #fairtrade. State of mind which is also found in the prices for formulas and dishes (between 5 and 7 euros) in the very touristic area in Rue Mouffetard. Everything is homemade, each day in the open kitchen to the small room for lunch. During your lunch, the values of Vegan Folie's and its employees are proudly displayed on their walls. A place where the #vegan is art of living and eating. LE V


A STORE TELLING STORIES Storie is a shop full of stories in Rue Delambre, not so far away from the Luxembourg garden and Montparnasse tower. Each object, selected with taste, has its own anecdote, materials and, above all, its own origins which are decisive for the founder of Storie. Indeed they all respect values of #fairtrade, #sustainable development, #recycling and #handmade. At the origin, there is a desire to gather in a single place of travel memories and discover crafts. Today there are also interior decoration, lighting, leather goods, jewellery and children's toys. Creators mostly come from France but also from all walks of life, from Africa to Latin America through our European ne


YOUR LOCAL FOOD SHOPPING IN THE CITY Because we all want to help small producers, pay a fair and reasonable price to promote local agriculture and well thought-out, season and bio product. The young team have stirred themselves for the Parisians and have cooked up a solution we love! In Partnership with French producers as local as possible (from mainly Ile-de-France and Picardie), they offer you seasonal farm products at very reasonable prices for a top quality! You will find, of course, vegetables, fruit, cheese, yoghurt, bread, cakes, flour, honey, juices, beers, champagne and champagne. You can almost say goodbye to the supermarket!How it works? It is very simple and practical and no nee

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